breast cancer

The Motherhood Committee in Lebanon is a public entity registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs under No. 1565, dated 8/23/1995. Its objective is to advance the education of Lebanese mothers on health, cultural, and social issues, and to create a healthy environment for their youngsters at home, school and in society.

A branch for the Motherhood Committee in Lebanon was established in Aley district on February 5, 1999, under the name of “Motherhood Committee in Lebanon – Aley District Branch”.

Since its establishment, the committee has focused on children and their futures. It has established five playgrounds supplied with the latest and most modern equipment in the villages of Baysour, Mesherfeh, Reshmaya, Sharoun and Choueifat in order to promote healthy development.

The committee also organizes seminars and lectures on social and health issues in many villages.

In an effort to directly benefit the Lebanese mothers in the community, the committee decided that a breast cancer detection center is direly needed, as no such center is available in the region and many women cannot afford the cost of mammograms. On October 25th 2003, the committee established a non-profit Mammography and Ultrasound Center in Aley. The inauguration took place under the patronage of the Japanese Embassy in Lebanon which funded the purchase of the necessary equipment. An agreement was reached between the Committee and the American University of Beirut Medical Center to screen tests, read, and diagnose patients. In 2005, the UNDP updated the medical equipment.

Approximately 2,000 women have undergone breast cancer screening since the center was launched. 17% of the women screened required further investigation by ultrasonography and 3% were diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, most of the cases were detected at an early stage. The center’s qualified physicians and staff perform follow-ups on all cases and an awareness campaign is underway to alert women to the role of early detection has in saving lives.

The committee is making tremendous progress toward eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease through research, education, screening and treatment. Your generosity is vital as they continue their efforts to help breast cancer patients, as well as to invest in the health of future generations. Donate generously.