Ain wa zein celbreating birthday

Sheikh Mohammad Abu Chakra, spiritual leader of the Druze Community (Sheikh Al Akl) founded the “Home for the Aged” in 1978 to provide quality health care for the elderly. Eventually this “Home” was improved to become an Elderly Care Center serving 75 residents.

In 2004, The Board of Trustees along with the Management started planning for a new larger geriatric facility fully equipped for providing inpatient services to 300 residents in addition to providing outpatient services.

The new center has 150 patients’ rooms, 18 first class suites and 132 double occupancy rooms, in addition to clinics, therapy areas and offices. Fifty rooms at the garden level provide direct access to beautifully landscaped grounds. Construction was executed in two phases: the foundation stone was laid on September 2004, and the center opened its doors to its first customers in August 2009.

Objectives of the Geriatric Medical Center:

The GMC aims to optimize the health of its resident patients and maximize their independence through individual and group rehabilitation, while still assisting residents with their day to day activities through nursing support, and recreational and social activities.  Additionally, the GMC has and educational mission to enhance the knowledge of health care practitioners (physicians, nurses, therapists) in the field of geriatrics and gerontology and train future practitioners in the fields so that they can provide the best medical and nursing care.


Outpatient clinics: offers medical care to elders living in the community, and is open on Tuesday and Thursday morning of each week.

Acute Care Unit: A team of residents from the American University of Beirut, nursing staff, physical therapist, dietitian and a social worker. The unit offers educational classes to the patients and family on Skin Care, Nutrition, Immunization, Polypharmacy, Falls, and Exercise.

Rehabilitation Unit This unit aims at providing rehabilitation services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy) in addition to medical treatment. Patients who will benefit from these services include stroke patients, post hip surgery patients, amputees, or any other patient who is in need of strengthening exercises in order to stay fit and functioning in the community.

Psycho geriatric Alzheimer’s Unit: This unit aims at improving mental abilities and psychological status of elderly patients in order that they remain as self-sufficient as possible. It also provides medical, nursing, and psychological support for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other psychological disorders, such as depression.

Intermediate Medical Care: This unit aims at providing rehabilitation and medical care to elders who have been exposed to diseases that prevent them from returning to their homes upon discharge from the hospital.

Long term unit: This unit aims at preserving and improving the elders’ physical and mental health through day to day medical care by an interdisciplinary team and rehabilitation by a physical and occupational therapist, along with 24 hour nursing care.

Hospice Unit: (to be constructed) This unit will provide end of life care for elders who suffer from incurable illnesses such as cancer that is not responding to surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. It provides medical, nursing and psychological care. The treating team will focus on eliminating pain, in addition to providing psychological and religious counseling to the patients and their families.

Financial Coverage

The Health Establishment of the Druze Community is a private, non-profit organization that aims at providing the best possible care to the elderly in need of long term care. The Lebanese Ministry of Health covers a certain portion of the cost of care, while other expenses are covered by families and friends of the hospital.


Currently, the center is supported by 50 standby volunteers and 15 on weekly basis, who help residents individually, organize or assist in trips in the community, and arrange for birthday parties for residents at the center. They help in organizing and conducting the festivities in June for Grandparents Day through a program designed to provide elders in the community and from nursing homes all over Lebanon with a variety of recreational activities, as well as lunch and other cultural activities.