orphans in syria

Organization for Social Welfare in Swaida, Syria was founded in 1949 under the name of Beit al-Yateem, Swaida, by the late Aref Nakadi.  In 1971 the name was changed to Organization for Social Welfare in Swaida. The responsibilities and activities of this organization include the following:

– Shelter, education and medical services for 400 orphans from first grade until university level.

– Education and clothing provisions for an additional 200 nonresident orphans, also until university level.

–  Shelter and care for the elderly.

–  Shelter and care for the blind.

– Shelter for children whose families do not have the means to support them.

– A special school for children who cannot hear or speak, staffed by experts in the field.

– A school for mentally challenged children.

–  A center for monitoring youngsters who have emotional problems because their families are unable to care for them or provide needed support.

The Organization for Social Welfare in Syria is under new management with a huge renovation project underway to modernize the buildings.

As the organization continues to grow, it is still dependent on private donations for support. It is considered one of the largest charitable organizations in Swaida , Syria. It also has a reputation of helping all those in need such as distribution of financial aid and clothing to deserving families in the community.