National Rehabilitation and Development Center (NRDC)

handicapped group picture

CCI08162013_0007The National Rehabilitation & Development Center- NRDC is a social development non- profit organization, which aims for social benefit for adults and children with disabilities. NRDC is one of the Leading Rehabilitation Centers in Lebanon, and it is the only one in Western Mount Lebanon, providing direct and indirect services to more than 350 mentally and /or physically disabled persons, from all over Lebanon.
Druze children and adults with disabilities are struggling to maintain their independence and basic daily living activities. Unfortunately, most of the heavy burden of disability, falls on the shoulder of the private sector in Lebanon (NGOs).The symbolic governmental support does not cover 25% of the real cost of operation. Moreover, most persons with disabilities come from poor families who can barely afford to support themselves, let alone carry the extra burden for special care.
For the past 26 years NRDC, has been shouldering that responsibility and seeking funds from private donors like you. If every Druze Man and Woman would donate just five dollars it would make a difference in the life of many who are struggling with daily living activities.

Druze Orphans And Charitable Organization Inc