Secondary Schooling for Orphans (SSO)

Ten years of Achievement

SSO has given the orphans hope and an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and attain higher levels of education. SSO supports orphaned students who have finished 9th grade and are eager to continue their schooling in the pursuit of realizing a better future. This charitable program, initiated in 2000, has made great strides towards accomplishing its goals.

Here are some very impressive statistics:

-42 SSO sponsored students have graduated with Baccalaureate II.
-10 SSO sponsored students have completed 4 years of college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and/or Sciences.
-During the 2010-2011 academic year, 40 Students were registered in several high schools. They received full academic scholarships.
-11 Students were registered in various Colleges and their expenses paid for the first year. Subsequent years may also be supported by SSO as needed.
-3 other scholarships were granted to students who qualified under other Charitable Causes.
-All Sponsored students are monitored to make sure they are doing well academically, socially and psychologically.
-SSO also provides for transportation, books, uniforms, and pocket money. Living expenses, tutoring and medical services are provided as needed.
-A luncheon is held at the end of each academic year to honor the graduates and to welcome the new scholarship recipients.
2010-2011 activities include:

· Lunch to all the children at the Druze orphanage in commemoration of Child’s Day.

· Lunch for the residents of the Handicap foundation in Abey.

· Lunches to the Ain-wa-Zein Elderly Center residents on the occasion of Mother’s day.

· An annual fundraising brunch is held at the end of each calendar year.

Even though SSO holds an annual fundraising brunch, they are nevertheless in great need of support from generous donors like you.

SSO extends its heartfelt thanks to DOCO supporters and all the schools in Lebanon that support SSO students.

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