Student Resident

The “University Student Residence” (USR) was established in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization in Lebanon. The main goal of USR is to encourage young ladies to pursue their university education in Beirut by providing them with suitable and affordable lodging in the city, with special consideration given to the difficult living conditions facing the needy among them. Before the USR was able to offer these services, the

Managing Committee had to launch a fund raising campaign for the purpose of building and furnishing the living quarters required to accommodate the scores of university female students form the regions of al-Shouf, Aley, al-Metn, Rashya and Hasbaya. In 1994, an apartment on the first floor of an existing building was bought and furnished to accommodate thirty residents. In 1995, a second apartment of the second floor of the same building was purchased and fully furnished to accommodate another 24 resident.

In 1996, a third apartment was purchased and furnished in a neighboring building to accommodate 15 residents. In 1997, a fourth apartment was purchases and was furnished for the same purpose.

USR has accommodated more than 800 students since its inception.

The government provides no direct assistance to the University Student Residence. They are supported entirely though donations. The cost per month per student is around$150.

A suitably high standard of services has been provided to all the student residents. This has resulted in generating more appreciation and respect for this commendable educational effort. USR has also established a library containing a valuable collection of books for the benefit of its student residents. The educational efforts at USR also include a series of educational and cultural lectures.

We deeply believe that by giving our women a better chance to earn higher education and find suitable work in the city we would be helping them to play a positive role in rebuilding our community.